Friday, 29 January 2010

Card Patterns #48 and my friend Willy.

Here's one I made late last night ( couldn't sleep) this uses #48 from Card Patterns.

This is my friend Wilson or Willy more often than not. We have had him for 8 months , we gave him a home when his previous owner found she couldn't cope with him and 2 small children when her husband left. He has been absolutely wonderful and is such fun and a bit mad with it. We had to have our old dog rehomed in June last year after a sudden onset of aggression toward myself, I felt that I could not trust Max any longer and was affraid of him, afterall I would have had no chance against a huge German Shepard with the hump...........!

Willy is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Boxer, beautifully affectionate and loves to be cuddled has a passion for balls and is extremely well behaved when asking for his dinner. After the situation with Max I started to develope a growing fear of all dogs and would even cross the road to avoid another dog. After Max left James found Willy on-line and felt that I just had to try again, James and the Kids were so upset that Max had to go and our home was just not right without a doggy friend. Willy has been perfect in rebuilding my confidence with woofer's and has become MY dog alway's coming to me for fuss and love.

And to be honest who could resist those eyes!!!
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  • PP ~ BG Origins.
  • CS ~ Bazzill.
  • Ribbon ~ Celebrations.
  • Sentiment ~ Freebie.


Karen said...

Awe just look at Willy...he is gorgeous!!! Well done on getting another dog as I know that took courage. A friend of mine had to find a new home for their alsation for exactly the same reason...very sad!

Hug for WIlly XXX

whoistracy said...

Gorgeous card and such a sweet little friend you have there!!

Amy Liz Schultz said...

great details with this card! love your take on the sketch!