Thursday, 4 August 2011

Gone Knutty Knitting ~ part 1.

With these time of financial restraint I feel that is important to be able to recycle and upcycle to save a few pennies.Last year I taught myself to crochet and fast became "hooked" after a year I feel fairly proficient and can turn my hand to most crocheted projects. My children, my niece's and their friend have certainly enjoyed receiving crocheted gifts. This year wanting to try a new skill I chose knitting. I had tried before but not been entirely successful. I saw the "Art of Knitting" magazine advertised on TV so thought I'd give that a go. I struggled at first and nearly gave up just because I couldn't cast on, well if you can't even start how on earth are you going to finish!!!
Luckily help was at hand in the shape of Pauline, a lovely lady who has opened a  wool shop in our village.
Pauline took the time to show me a simple and stiff finger friendly way of casting on and as you can see I am now well on the way to making my blanket.
The blanket is made up of  90 squares each week you receive a magazine with a ball of wool and the instructions for you next square along with a pattern for a item of clothing and home wares too.
So here are my 17 squares so far......... 

Some look a bit out of shape but they haven't been pressed yet.