Monday, 5 October 2009

No cards today!!!!

WHAT............I hear you say no makes!!
I finished a weekend of nightshifts this morning and have been snoozing on and off most of the day,the sudden change in weather has upset my hands and crafting with gloves on isn't the easiest thing in the world, I thought I'd pop on for 5 mins and share my good news...........
I won!!! not one challenge this week but TWO!!!!
I won challenges at The Crafty Pad with my "Smiles" card HERE.
& at Rosie Dee's I won with my acetate card HERE.
Also many of you visitors ask how I get so many cards done in one day?
All I can say is that I an very focused. I work 3 days a week and on my day's off i make the most of my free time, after Aiden has been taken to school I spend about an hour on the house.I have a very domesticated husband who does his fair share of the cleaning and cooking which means that once the daily chores are done my time is my own . Aidens school is about a mile away from home and I don't drive ( Just never got round to it!!!!) so this a perfect opportunity to walk our doggy twice a day.I find that challenges and Sketches really help to keep the Mojo flowing!
Well James is off out tomorrow after the school run so I have the whole day to craft a whole weekend of challenges!!