Friday, 8 February 2008

A Gentlemen's Relish - WARNING -This post contains nudity

Since I was about 9 I have had a passion for all things Victorian. Novels, Costume and society in general. I bought a Cd several months ago titled Victorian pin-ups. ok so maybe Im a bit niave but I was suprised to discover that the Cd contained Porn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not wanting to waste my money I kept the Cd thinking that I may be able to use the images in the future.
I wonder if you remember the T.V. programme called A Gentlemens Relish staring Billy Connolly and Sarah Lancashire. In this series Billy is a Photographer and Sarah his Housekeeper
and in around aout way produce the first Pornographic Magazine.
Two weeks ago at my Canterbury Retreat Babs taught me how to make these Lovely Accordian books and this dispersed a seed in my mind.
I have been racking my brain for weeks as to what to do for James Valentine Card and this solved my problem. James is a keen photographer and has a small colection of Victorian postcards of the afore mentioned subject. Anyway theres enough of the waffle below are picture of the Gentlemens Relish I have made for my James
I would love to hear your thoughts on this project!