Monday, 2 June 2008

Ive been tagged by cath
  1. Ten years ago - My girls where 30 & 18 months old and life was not that grand!!
  2. 5 Things in Today’s To Do List: craft, cook dinner, walk the dog, shopping & clean the bathrooms. Ive done all but the craft!!!!!!!Arggghhhhhhhh
  3. Snacks I Enjoy: Peanuts, filo prawn rolls and cheese and cracker's
  4. Things I would Do If I Were a Millionaire: buy a house, learn to drive, buy a horse and learn to ride him!
  5. Places I have lived: Hextable, Kent. Gillingham, Kent. Cromer, Norfolk. Attleborough, Norfolk and Long Stratton, Norfolk! Well travelled me!

Now I have to tag three

Well with half term over its time to play some catch up.......
The only crafting I managed last week was the 12 Wedding Invites and 1 man Birthday card for a challenge and I haven't had time to blog that yet.
Ive got my head totally up in the clouds with arrangements for our Wedding in 11 weeks time, there's everything go organize and pay for so i think I'll shall end up working more than playing over the next few weeks. Ive chosen, ordered and have been measured for my dress and the maid of Honour and bridemaid's dresses have been ordered, shoes chosen and the tanning lotion first went on, on saturday. Ive never had a tan before!!! looks weird, but I had to do something or I would have been whiter than my dress ( Im so pale I rarely expose my skin in the sun, 10 minutes in and I'm usually burnt)
I also need to decide what I'm going to do with my hair, I was growing it and hoping it would be long enough to put up next year but now I've lost a year Im all confused. Its in the in between stages sort of level with my jaw and a complete thatch ( the joys of naturally curly fine hair)
Well Im sure it will all come right in the end but for now I'm going to do some well deserved crafting and maybe later some more blogging!