Monday, 22 March 2010

GSP ~ Spring is in the Air!

Now spring is finally here.......we at Glue, Scissors, Paper, challenge you to make some paper flowers.
I have made Roses with tissue paper and Dafodills with "Gemstone" sparkly CS.
For the stalks I have used wooden Barbeque Kebab sticks and covered with tissue paper.
Here is how I made my flowers..........
The Roses:
  • First cut a 1in x 12in strip of light pink tissue paper and apply glue to the edge, gently wrap around the end of the kebab stick to make a sort of Conical pyrimid.
  • Cut a 4in x 12 in strip of Dark Pink TP. Fold it in half wrap around in the same way but trying to mantain a Rose bud shape.
  • Cut 2 leaves with stalks and 2 1in x 12in strips from Green TP.
  • Before attaching the leaves starting at the base of your Rose bud wrap the intire kebab stick with DST.
  • Now attach the leaves one either side then over these wrap the intire kebab stick with Green strips of TP.
The daffodills:
  • Wrap the kebab stick as for the roses in Green TP. Cut a large star in Yellow CS, a small star and 2 slim leaf shapes in Green CS & a 2in x 4in strip of Orange CS.
  • Curl the points of the yellow stars inwards.
  • Scallop one edge of the Orange strip and score at 1/4in on other edge. Snip between each scallop and a repeat on the other side too. cut a 1in circle and make a tube with the circle as your tube base. Mount this tube onto the Yellow star and flatten down scallops.
  • Turn your flower over and attach the kebab stick stem to the back of the yellow star and the the green star over the stem.
  • When this is dry. Take your leaves and curl one end. Place one either side of the stem and wrap with DST and the Green TP strip.

The Challenges:

The Ingredients.

  • Card Stock ~ DCWV Gemstones
  • Tissue paper ~ All good craft stores.
  • Kebab Sticks ~ Tesco.
  • Fiskars Shape cutter Star.
  • SU Scallop Punch.