Saturday, 12 June 2010

Kevin the Koala.

I have to say that I am totally impressed with myself.........Here is Kevin my first piece of Amigurumi { I think thats posh for Crochet}. I started making him Thursday evening worked all day yesterday and the best part of today.
This has been the out come of 4 days of teaching myself with the help of Lets Get Crafting magazine.
Aiden has ALREADY stolen him from me and put in an order for a Harry Hill Knitted Character!!!
Now off to make a pair of slippers for a little girl that hasn't arrived yet, Ive got until October!!!

I'm still here...........

.............In between work I haven't had much time left over for posting!
Last weekend I tried some new things. First Aiden made this mask wth a little help using Papier Mache, all he needs now is a orange curly wig!!!.
I made this bowl using another {Wavy} bowl as a mould.
and finally all this week I have been learning how to Crochet and boy that isnt no mean feat!!!
It took me two days to get a magic ring going!!! { I have Rheumatoid excuse and Im sticking to it!!!!}
James said that this has become a new obsession but try explaining to a man that there is a difference between obsession and determination!
Here are my first and second attempts at 1 layer flowers. Imnot sure they are neat enough for me to use on a card but practice makes perfect . This all started Monday after a copy of Lets Get Crafting fell in my shopping basket. I've only started one other project all week !!

  • Papier Mache Kit ~ KSG Pastimes.
  • Lets Get Crafting ~ Free Crochet Kit.