Friday, 2 September 2011

Wales 2011.

I thought I'd just share a few pic's of this years Welsh Wanderings.
This year we decided to climbed a circuit of 3 mountains which took in Tryfan, Gyder Fawr & Gyder Fach 
This circuit took us 11 hours and I have to say we were exhausted and sore.

For those sceptic's out there who say the mountains in Wales are a walk in the park here's the proof that lots of Climbing was envolved!
This is a great action shot of Laurie giving Aiden a helping hand.

The Canterlever Stone, Gyder Fawr

As you can see the views are astonishing and It's amazing how quite it is up there!

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Lin said...

My lungs are hurting just looking at this! Wow, well done all of you and oh to be that fit again.

Beautiful photographs.

Lin xx