Monday, 19 September 2011

Crochet Crazy ~ Cosy Kindle.

You will need:
 50gms of  DK wool to make the cozy and extra scraps for decoration.
4.0mm Hook.

This pattern is in English terms: 
dc ~ double crochet. (US sc)
ch ~ chain.
tc ~ treble crochet.(US dc)
sl st ~ slip stitch.
dc2tog ~ double crochet two together.
spc ~ space.

I hope this will all make sense as I'm quite new to all this pattern lark!

Ch 21.
Rnd 1: dc in 2nd ch from hook and in the next 18 ch. 3dc in last ch, now continue down the back of the chain. 19 dc then 2dc in last ch sl st into 1st dc.
Rnds2 & 3: Ch1 (counts as 1 dc) 41dc sl st into ch 1 spc.
Rnds 4-21: Ch 2 (counts as 1 tc) 41 tc sl st into ch2 spc.
Rnds 2 & 23: same as rnds 2 & 3.
Rnd 24: Ch 1 (counts as 1 dc) 19dc, dc2tog, 19dc, dc2tog, 1dc , sl st into ch 1 spc.
Now we are going to work in rows to make the closing flap.
Row 1: Ch1 16dc ch1 turn. (16)
Row 2: dc2tog, 12dc,  dc2tog, ch1 turn (14)
Row 3: 14dc, ch1, turn.
Row 4: dc2tog, 10dc, dc2tog, ch1, turn . (12)
Row 5: 12 c, ch1 turn .
Row 6: dc2tog, 8dc, dc2tog, ch1 turn. (10)
Row 7: 10dc, ch1 turn.
Row 8: dc2tog, 6dc, dc2tog, ch1 turn (8)
Row 9: 8dc, ch1 turn.
Row 10: dc2tog, 4dc, dc2tog. ch1 turn, (6)
Row 11: 6dc,ch1 turn.
Row 12: dc2tog, 2dc, dc2tog, (4)
now  we need to dc down the edge of the flap,
 11dc, sl st along the top of Rnd 24 
11dc up the opposite edge of the flap.
Row 13: 4dc along the top of the flap.
Ch 12 and sl st into 1st dc of row 13 to make a loop.

weave in ends and sew on a button. decorate however you wish, I have chosen a simple 8 petal flower. and leaves  with a chain stitch stalk.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. I am going to make one tonight while i watch movies. i like the flower you picked also. i'll make sure i fimd something just as cute.