Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Crochet Crazy ~ Cozy Pear ~ Free Crochet Pattern. UPDATED

When I finished making the Apple Cozies yesterday my son asked If I could make a Pear Cozy.
Well I searched high and low over the internet for a pattern but couldn't find one so I thought I'd have a go at adapting Anna's Apple Cozy Pattern.

I have used English Terms throughout.

- Small amount of worsted weight cotton yarn in colors of your choice for cozy and leaf.
- Crochet hook sizes 3.5mm and 5.0mm
- Button that is at least 1/2" in diameter
- Thread and needle to sew button on.

With color yarn of your choice and a 5.mm hook, ch 4 sl st into ring.
Rnd 1: 6 dc into ring (6).
Rnd 2: 2 dc in each dc around (12).
Rnd 3: [dc in next dc, 2 dc in next dc] 6 times (18).
Rnd 4: [dc in next 2 dc, 2 dc in next dc] 6 times (24).
Rnd 5: dc in each dc around (24), ch 1, turn.
Now you are going to work in rows
Row 6: [dc in next 3 dc 2 dc in next dc] 6 times turn (30).
Rows 7- 13 : dc in each dc (30).
Row 14 -17: dc in next 28dc , ch 1, turn (28).
Row 18: 4 dc, dc2tog , dc2tog ,12 dc, dc2tog, dc2tog 4dc , ch 1 turn (24)
Row 19: dc in each dc across.(24)
Row 20: 4 dc, dc2tog, dc2tog, 12 dc, dc2tog, dc2tog, 4 dc (20)
Row 21 : dc in each dc across. (20).
Row 22 : 4 dc . dc2tog, dc2tog, 4 dc, dc2tog ,dc2tog ,4dc (16)
Row 23: dc in each dc across (16)
Row 24: 2 dc, dc2tog, dc2tog, 4 dc, dc2tog, dc2tog 2 dc (12)
Row 25: dc in each dc across (12) 
Continue to dc evenly around the opening on the side of the pear cozy until you reach the top of Row 26 on the other side of the opening.
Ch 20 (this will create the 2nd loop that goes around the button to close the cozy). sl st into row 20 and continue dc in each dc to make Row 27 sl st ito last st and fasten off.
weave in ends and sew on button.

Leaf: with green yarn and 3.5mm hook
Ch 9; dc in 2nd ch from hook, tc in next 3 ch, dc in next 2 ch, sl st in 2 next ch, working the free loops on the other side of the chain, sl st in next loop, dc in next 2 loops, tc in next 3 loops, dc in next loop. Finish off leaving a long end. Sew leaf to apple cozy. Weave in ends.

Many Thanks go to Anna of the inspiration .

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ANNA said...

Hi, Susie! Very nice pear cozy! And so kind of you to share the pttern :)