Monday, 11 April 2011

Crocheted Neclaces & My Space!

No cards today but plenty of quiet time at work for me to make flowers ;0) .
These are all avalible to buy email me at for details.
And I just thought I'd show off my work space which will probably soon be overspilling into the dining room now the purchase of a dressmakers dummy is on the cards. I love 1940's & 50's fashion and this new toy from my gorgeous hubby has given me the perfect opportunity to have a go at some vintage dressmaking!
No challenges today but I am happy to announce I made the top 3 at The Crafty Pad for my

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Sue said...

The crochet necklaces are great Susie, especially the red & white one it's really stunning.
I'm jealous of your crafting space, I only have a table in the corner of my daughter's room. Everytime she comes home from uni. she's lost another few inches of floor space!