Monday, 2 June 2008

Ive been tagged by cath
  1. Ten years ago - My girls where 30 & 18 months old and life was not that grand!!
  2. 5 Things in Today’s To Do List: craft, cook dinner, walk the dog, shopping & clean the bathrooms. Ive done all but the craft!!!!!!!Arggghhhhhhhh
  3. Snacks I Enjoy: Peanuts, filo prawn rolls and cheese and cracker's
  4. Things I would Do If I Were a Millionaire: buy a house, learn to drive, buy a horse and learn to ride him!
  5. Places I have lived: Hextable, Kent. Gillingham, Kent. Cromer, Norfolk. Attleborough, Norfolk and Long Stratton, Norfolk! Well travelled me!

Now I have to tag three

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Tassie said...

Thanks for the tag!