Saturday, 8 March 2008

The Sling's

Excuse the Boob's.......but this is the cover of my O/H's first Album!!!!!!! How cool is that?? James play's lead guitar and is 1/5 of this gorgeous bunch ( Oh he's the plonker in the glasses)
Here are The Sling's enjoying a pint during lunch on the day of their recording! Next to James is Arf,(vocal's) Tom (Bass) Gilly (Rhythm Guitar) & J (Drum's) .
I will add the tune that go with the cover when I worked out how!!!!!!!! but in the meantime their tune's can be heard at


Sarah C said...

Well done The Slings. Good luck with it all. You must all be well chuffed.

bubblegum said...

Excellent you must be sooo pleased Susie :) :)

Love your cards in the posts below especially the smile-o-meter fabby :) :)

Debbie x